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Pastor caught on camera sleeping with a girl on his matrimonial bed



People react to Daddy Freeze’s Instagram video post of a pastor caught on camera sleeping with a girl on his matrimonial bed. Here are some of their reactions:


“Shameless generation, dating a married man, proud of going to a married man house by 1 am late night , both of them are in this together so please remove God from this , pastor or no pastor God did not send anyone to do a thing like this so let’s face the truth and punish them both..just a contribution no offense no insults please”


The girl is mad, the Pastor is mad, in fact both of them are mad


“Adult women should be accountable for their foolish actions! Especially the married ones
How can you clear Open your legs for a man on God to have sex with you !!! Huh Why would a Normal human being sleep with a pastor or a Rev father?  Women should be more responsible to expose the useless men of Satan using Gods name in vain”


“Why some Nigerian pastors dey disgrace Christianity”


” Hmmm las las the pastor will blame the devil. Because devil will not come out to defend the allegations”



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