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Nigerian Kingpin of cocaine trade in Bengaluru caught



The Nigerian kingpin of illegal cocaine trade in the city, who was called ”chief”, finally fell into the police dragnet.

“The main kingpin in cocaine supply in Bengaluru has been arrested by CCB. He is called chief. His real name is Chidiebere Ambrose,” the Bengaluru Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Patil said on Tuesday.

All the Nigerian drug peddlers were in touch with him to purchase cocaine from him. “In all previous drug cases, we found that all the Nigerian drug peddlers bought cocaine from a person named chief.

After detailed investigation, this chief has been arrested,” the official said in a statement. Further investigation is on in the matter.

Police have launched a crackdown against the drug haul in Bengaluru and arrested many high profile people including Kannada film actresses and children of politicians who used to take drugs, indulged in drug peddling and organised rave parties.