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‘I Am Jesus Christ’ – A Computer Game set to be released in 2021



Go back in time over 2,000 years and follow the same path as Jesus Christ, from his baptism to the resurrection. Inspired by the New Testament stories, ‘I Am Jesus Christ’ is a simulation like no other.

“Are you prepared to fight with Satan in the desert, cure the sick and help the needy? Perform over 30 iconic miracles from the feeding of the 5,000 and healing lepers to the calming of the sea and giving sight to the blind.” reads the game’s Steam blurb.

A new computer game called “I Am Jesus Christ,” will allow gamers to role-play as the Good Shepherd himself.

A trailer for the game shows Christ healing a blind man, making fish appear in a bucket, walking on water and ending a storm — all in the first-person. Corresponding quotes from the New Testament are shown between the video game’s biblical re-creations.

“I Am Jesus Christ” — which is listed as “coming soon” on the gaming platform Steam — doesn’t shy away from any portion of Christ’s life. It ends with a scene of Jesus on the cross, the in-game heart rate nearing empty, before cutting to what appears to be his resurrection and the game’s title card, where the “I” is Jesus’ floating body.

“Have you ever wondered to be like Him — one of the most privileged and powerful people in the world?” reads the game’s Steam blurb. “Become Jesus Christ, the famous man on Earth — in this highly realistic simulation game. Pray like Him for getting superpower, perform famous miracles like Him from Bible like casting demons, healing and feeding people, resurrection and more in ‘I am Jesus Christ.’ ”

The description continues, asking potential players, “Are you ready to fight with Satan in the desert, exorcising demons and curing sick people? Or calm the storm in the sea?”

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