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Desmond Tutu Supports Call for Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy



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More than 370 religious leaders from around the world including South Africa’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning Archbishop Desmond Tutu are calling for a ban on conversion therapy, BBC News reported.

The idea of gay conversion therapy is the attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Many leaders of the world’s leading faiths have signed their name to a declaration denouncing the conversion therapy and calling for it to be banned. Some of the other leaders include former Chief Rabbi of Ireland David Rosen, as well as the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes.

The practice of gay conversion therapy can range from electric shock treatment to religious teachings or talking therapies designed to change someone’s sexuality. It is already outlawed fully in Malta, Switzerland and in parts of America, Canada and Australia.

Peter Lynas, director of the Evangelical Alliance for the United Kingdom, which represents 3,000 churches in the U.K., told BBC News he supports an “end [to] extreme and coercive behavior without banning change or conversion, which are central to Christianity”.

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