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A Rejection could be a Blessing in Disguise – Wilfred Asuquo



Few Reactions from his Followers

Felix Inonoje
CEO at McMurray Integrated Services Inc

You know, Mr. Asuquo, you sold yourself short! You should never have applied for that position. That position was beneath you qualification status. I can understand if you wanted to serve the company that paid the cost of your graduate education but you undervalued yourself when you applied.

Your company was kind to let you know that and REDIRECTED you, according to Arthur Bourekas. You were NOT rejected! The true lesson here is, know your worth!

Congratulations on your new job!

Sunday Adebowale
Goal Driven Financial Consultant

Allison Kocher Don’t let that deter you, you should never give up. I applied to PwC probably over a thousand times and got no a thousand times. I decided I will not stop applying and in the end I got the job. Million times no is not the end of the world because there is a resounding yes that’ll trump all the nos you’ve received in the past. Remember, you only need one yes and it will surely come at the right time. While waiting, keep improving yourself and keep leaning new things that’ll give you the edge over other candidates. If possible attend seminars where your target company is presenting and network with the employees from that company during the event. Do something different to get a different result.

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