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It Is Possible!



“If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”. Mark 9:23 (KJV).

Today, I come your way with an assurance from God’s word that everything you are trusting Him for is possible. Yes, the year is 48 hours to go, but God is able to exceed your expectations. You need to understand that time is for man, God created time, stepped out of time and controls time. So, He is ageless and limitless.

You need to understand that the intention of the devil is to put pressure on you, make you doubt God and tell you there is no way out of the situation. So that he can slow you down, isolate you and if possible, stop you from receiving all that God has ordained for you. But devil is a liar! He cannot stop what God has ordained for you.

Look at the scripture above again; you will notice that the Bible says “All things…” not some things. In other words, anything is possible because God has the final say concerning you.

You may be at a crossroad right now in life; but the fact remains that God’s word cannot be broken. I know that with men some things are impossible, but nothing is impossible with God. He is not limited. He is still the God of signs, wonders and possibilities and He is able to do exceeding, abundantly, above all that you can ask or think. I challenge you therefore, to stand on that promise in the place of prayers.

The plan of God is that you would function beyond every limitation in life. No matter the pressure, don’t cancel yourself out. Also watch what you say about yourself. Remember that words are powerful. To function in the realm of possibilities, you must learn to speak what you want to see not your fears and doubts.

Trust Him completely and before you know it, something beyond your wildest imagination will happen to you. I declare that everything around you will work for your good. Creation will work for you and the ground will yield her increase for you. Compliments of the season.

Further Reading: Jeremiah 32:17-18, Mark 11:23; Ephesians 3:20
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Zechariah 13-14; Evening- Revelation 21

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

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