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“Knowing your team is incredibly important” Blacktag Founders



Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

“Throughout my life when talking about success, I’ve always heard the question, ‘how much is luck and how much is you?’ But I’ve always resonated with the quote “luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” Our whole lives Akin and I have been preparing for this moment. Our families and our upbringing as immigrants to this country have been such an incredible part of our journey and have been instrumental in setting the building blocks for the opportunities we have with Blacktag,” Ousman Sahko.

“Free Your Mind…and Your Ass Will Follow is one of my favorite life quotes and the title of the second studio album by American funk band Funkadelic. It has always reminded me that everything from art to everyday life is better with a free and open mind. The world is bigger, intelligence is wider, problems are more solvable, and ideas are more abundant when you adhere to the message of Funkadelic,” Akin Adebowale.

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