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Father Celebrates Daughter With Down Syndrome who earned Full Bachelor of Fine Arts degree



One mom said, “I could not love this more,” in response to Handlin’s tweet. Inspired by Rachel’s accomplishment, she shared that her own daughter, who is a high school junior with Down’s syndrome, “found CalArts online and came to me, saying she’d found the perfect school.”

Rachel’s story inspired so many parents of young children with Down’s syndrome who posted pictures and thanked Rachel for showing their kids that they too could fulfill their dreams.

Handlin describes himself in his Twitter bio as a “fierce father” and a “disability/ inclusion zealot.” His endless support is undoubtedly a huge part of Rachel’s success.

One Twitter user wrote Handlin, offering the assurance that the title of “Proudest Father on the Planet” is rightly his to claim: “You deserve the title as she would not be what she is without your love, support, and encouragement. Congratulations Rachel and wear the proudest Dad title well, sir.”

Let’s all take inspiration from Rachel and her dad, and keep at it. Don’t give up!

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