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“Awareness and Observation, Keys to success in 2021,” Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe



Awareness and observation are antennas into the minds of customers, sharper than any MBA. Some entrepreneurs have used both to make out of chewing stick an organic toothbrush.

To be a successful businessperson, you do not need to be as mathematical as Chike Obi or grammatical as Wole Soyinka. All you need is awareness and observation on market frictions, finding solutions to them, and rapping up in a matching story. If you can get those three in sync, you will experience glory.

Have a vision to rise and advance your career. Your imagination is more important than your knowledge. You can be knowledgeable and still be frozen. Progress and wealth are not determined purely by knowledge. That is why those who run the world are not usually the top graduates in their classes.

Yes, there are different skills required to thrive in the world than the ones teachers used to determine our school grades. In this age, your creativity is more catalytic than any experience you think you have. You need to imagine. You need to create. And as you do, the advancement will come in 2021.

But you cannot create if you are not observant. That is why 2021 must be the year where you must deepen your Awareness and Observation. Those two attributes are exceedingly important. They help you to anticipate evolving changes and new patterns before others.

Walmart calls your grandmother’s chewing stick “organic toothbrush”, selling it at premium. By putting “organic” on the box, Walmart goes at the heart of people’s perception. But for that to happen, it has awareness that the movement is going to natural products. The same product which seems ancestral and old fashioned in rural Africa is now a premium one in America!

Responding to the article Francis Oguaju said, ” The key component in creating and advancing great products lies in the art of storytelling, we are highly deficient in that aspect, partly because our education here is never detailed, which helps in simplifying complex things and weaving great stories around them.

“The legends of Apple and Tesla aren’t much about engineering prowess, but stories told about them, perception is about stories; we lack great communicators here.

“If you think you can do wonders without good education, you realise how deficient you are when it comes to communicating your ideas and articulating your purpose; hard skills don’t give you that, you must have knowledge of wide range of things, to be able to communicate effectively across board.

“As we improve in our storytelling capabilities, our brands will command higher value.”

Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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